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Psychic Surrey



Tarot Card Readings


Psychic tarot readings, mediumship, psychic parties, energy healing. Her ease in taking time to explain and make sure her messages resonated was amazing. In our session, Jayde was able to tap into my energy and connect to my higher self providing such validation and tools as to how to move forward. Finally… an incredibly talented, on-the-mark Surrey psychic who is a refreshing, down-to-earth straight shooter. All through each step of the reading and beyond. Not only did they want the freedom to travel, but the Mystic Bookstore in Vancouver, where they had worked for 20 years, was cutting shifts. The bookshop had more than $2 million in revenue in 2019, said the shop’s owner, John Segal, but the rent was rising and they needed to downsize. Psychic Surrey has not had a very good week. Jayde is no-nonsense, practical and gives you actionable steps to apply her insights to your life. There is a family mystery she talked about (from 70 yrs ago) that she brought up that included details not even my closest relatives are privy to. “In the short term, it’s a little chaotic.” The clients are fewer, but the readings often last longer. This was no ordinary reading.” — Fatima“ From the moment we first connected on the phone, Jayde’s light and vibrant energy brought me into such a safe and open place to receive. Vastly empowering, I would recommend a session with Jayde to anyone!” ” Her Services: Psychic readings – tarot card readings – Palm readings. Solutions for all problems of life including, health – marriage – business -education – divorce – family – love relationships – jobs – children – visa – criminal and court problems specializing in the removal of Kala Jadoo, negative influences and the reuniting loved ones


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