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Feedback: TC Reserve Veterinary Clinic offers you high Superior Support


TC Reserve Veterinary Clinic offers you high Superior Support






Every animal differs, each creature is exclusive! Every single animal is valuable to us and that's why we simply take our period both for a cautious appraisal and also for a comprehensive consultation.
Routine check-ups are very significant as a way to identify diseases at an early period and to fight in a concentrated manner. If a animal is already sick, we'll make sure that it is treated as quickly and gently as you possibly can ümraniye veteriner kliniği.

Our committed employees regularly go through further training to be able to become able to offer you and your animal high-quality treatment using the means and methods of contemporary veterinary medicine.

For mandatory farther examinations which individuals can't offer in our clinic (e.g. CT, Mr T ),'' we're connected with specialized small creature practices within the region and can refer you specifically if required.

Our clinic is GVP licensed. Since 2003 the Federal Association of training Veterinarians (BPT) was offering a quality assurance system known as"excellent Exotic Medicine Exercise" for clinical clinics and veterinary clinics in Turkey. In GVP-certified practices, owners can expect a high degree of organization and structuring, which is fundamentally represented in excellent quality.

Your visit to TCR Veterinary

In TC Reserve, top quality health care care is now high concern. No compromises have been created out of all us. We're pleased with our very good reputation and invest heavily in order to fortify our collective competence and also to be able to provide usage of this absolute most modern tools and veteriner ümraniye.

At an identical time, we are aware that our clients desire a lot more than good high quality. It is at least as crucial that you and your pet feel educated and in excellent hands . That's the reason why we consistently take enough opportunity to spell out and assure you so that you, the pet owner, often know precisely what is happening. Inside of Vetix, we are also committed to high availability. Be it in the shape of continuously open crisis rooms or through advice about the crisis telephone. That really is what we mean with good services for our clients.

Our personnel include numerous specialists who focus in certain animal species and areas of expertise, along with graduates from the European College for Veterinary Medicine (so-called diplomas).

Additionally, quite a few of our staff members do research and give education; a few of those clinics are also contributing to referral and training centres.

We are doing everything within our capability to become a priority within the area of veterinary care.

Our Expert Services

General checkups

Particular retirement check-ups

Puppy information

Vaccinations / info

Laboratory tests of blood, urine, feces and cytology

Xray diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics



Dermatology such as skin biopsies and fine needle aspirations



Preventative care medicine - entry of in Patients possible

Nutritional advice

Breeding animal examination

Automatic examination for patellar luxation

Acceptance of evidence of competence from pet owners based on Lh-G

General checkup

Special retirement Check Ups

Puppy advice

Vaccinations / advice

Laboratory evaluations of urine, blood, feces and cytology

Xray diagnostics

Ultra Sound diagnostics


Dermatology such as skin biopsies and fine needle aspirations



Intensive care medicine - admission of In-patients potential

Nutritional advice

Breeding animal examination

Automatic evaluation for patellar luxation

Acceptance of evidence of proficiency from pet owners based on LHG

For your creature and foryou...

Inside our little monster practice, we offer the animals entrusted to us optimum health care, diagnostics and treatment, supported by the most modern equipment and a friendly and capable group.

Our individuals involve dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, mice, etc.).

Health is actually a present for animals also. Therefore we would want to inform you as a dog owner in detail: Exactly what happens to your dog? Which treatment is helpful? What does the treatment cost? How long does it take?

Your confidence, your alliance your fantasies and demands are all vital in order to collectively accomplish a prosperous remedy for the own monster.

You are able to find out more details about this particular page: If you have some issues or suggestions, you should speak to us - we look forward to hearing from you personally and your animal!


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