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For all Faculty Tracks

Welcome Faculty

Our department offers it's faculty exceptional opportunities for learning, teaching, research and community involvment. Take a look around this site to find announcements, events, career development opportunities and more!

Don't forget to look at the Career Paths to understand the many ways to accelerate your career.
Faculty Development Committee Members
Chairs: David Abbott, PhD
Co-chair: Sarah Bradley, MD
Deborah Ehrenthal, MD
Christy Broadwell, MD
Cynthia Anderson, MD
Douglas Laube, MD
Lezli Redmond, MPH
Ron Magness, PhD
Maria Sandgren, MD
Julianne Zweifel, PhD
Chanel Tyler, MD​

​Mentoring Toolkit

For All
Document: Mentor committees for CHS and tenure ob.gyn faculty.2013.docxMentor committees for CHS and tenure ob.gyn faculty.2013.docx
Guidelines for establishing mentor committees in the CHS Track, including a list of role descriptions within the committee, and the expectations of the Committee Chair and faculty mentors.
Document:Ob.Gyn.mentor committee chair.docxOb.Gyn.mentor committee chair.docx
Guidelines for Probationary Faculty, including an explanation of the committee’s role in regards to promotion on the tenure or CHS track.
Document: Career Development Form.docCareer Development Form.doc
An editable chart for establishing career goals, and identifying resources and opportunities for reaching them.
For Mentees
Document: Faculty member preparation for mentoring committee meeting.2012.docxFaculty member preparation for mentoring committee meeting.2012.docx
Tips for Faulty Members prepping for Annual Mentoring Committee Meeting, including tips for CV updates and suggested questions to ask committee members. 
Advice and suggestions for choosing mentors and maximizing the unique relationship between mentors and mentees.
Document: Individual Development Plan.docxIndividual Development Plan.docx
An editable template for planning individual career growth, specifically in the areas of teaching, research, clinical care, service and leadership, and self-development.
For Mentors
Document: Mentoring committee meeting summary for probationary faculty.2012.docxMentoring committee meeting summary for probationary faculty.2012.docx
A template for evaluating mentees and summarizing the Mentoring Committee Meeting, including questions about mentee performance, accomplishments, and promotion probability.

 Mentor Documents

Best Practices for Mentees
Career Development Form
Faculty member preparation for mentoring committee meeting.2012
Individual Development Plan
Mentor committees for CHS and tenure ob.gyn faculty.2013
Mentoring committee meeting summary for probationary faculty.2012
Ob.Gyn.mentor committee chair


Professional Development Series Time Mgmt Notes 11-15-12
Time Management Tips Street Final 11.15.12docx