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Knowledge Portal > News > Posts > Q&A with Nasia Safdar: COVID-19
May 19
Q&A with Nasia Safdar: COVID-19

On May 14, 2020, Nasia Safdar, MD of the UW SMPH Department of Medicine presented a COVID-19 update at the Virtual Department Meeting. She responded to many questions that came in via WebEx chat:

Is Racine a new hospot for COVID?

Yes it is. 

Does the state have a strategy to test, contact trace and quarantine folks at these 3 settings [locations with growth in new cases]?

Yes, there is a plan but it has not been fully implemented. Considerable variation in local public heatlh capability. Dane County is well equipped; not so with many others.

What is the sensitivity / specificity of antibody testing platform we use, and is there a role for titers?

Sensitivity and specificity are both over 95%. The test is qualitative but the quantitative one is under development. Role is limited for the public because we don’t what if any threshold confers immunity.

Why did the UW decide to allow visitors back into clinic settings when there should still be an emphasis on social distancing?

Trade off between patients being unwilling to be hospitalized/get procedures without support of a caregiver, vs. compromising social distancing. One visitor allowed per patient, and some areas like transplant may choose not to have any.

Does Wisconsin have access to the CDC guidance for opening up?

Yes, we are using the CDC guidance – they have posted it on the CDC website.

Do you have thoughts about the best strategies for schools in the fall for WI?

I think it’s possible with small contained classes, extensive monitoring, cleaning, and masking by teachers.

Is checking temperatures at clinic entry effective/useful if fever is not one of the most common symptoms? 

It will not pick up everyone but is the only objective way we have to monitor one of the symptoms of COVID. The threshold we are using is 100 degrees. 

If a child already had a diagnosis of Kawasaki's -- is that child at a higher or lower risk for a COVID-19 post infection inflamatory reaction? 

That is not known at this time.


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