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Knowledge Portal > News > Posts > UW Ob-Gyn Wellness Blog: With Each Breath, I am Centered and Free
May 24
UW Ob-Gyn Wellness Blog: With Each Breath, I am Centered and Free

Welcome to the UW Ob-Gyn Wellness Committee blog! With this communications series, we provide updates on the Wellness Committee’s activities, share wellness resources, and feature individual wellness stories from across the department.

This month's What Wellness Means to Me feature comes from Christine Heisler, MD, of the UW Ob-Gyn Division of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. 



With Each Breath, I am Centered and Free

As a child, I was fascinated by the entire culture of motorcycles, being exposed to it through the men in my family.  I easily identified the obvious: wrapped in a cocoon of leather jacket and chaps, heavy black boots balanced on footrests, eyes focused toward the road while perched atop his seat, the loud exhaust pipes roaring in response to the throttle.  There was such an untouchable element to a biker riding down the highway, an intimate experience between the rider and the motorcycle, a peaceful and exclusive status. 

After I learned to ride a motorcycle, I was overwhelmed by a profound religious experience.  It is the fact of being inaccessible, “self-contained”, yet aware of physical risks all around me – road conditions, other drivers, changing weather, road debris, animals.  While riding, I simply have to be in the moment, committed only to the space immediately in front of me, thinking of nothing beyond the current journey.  The sheer potential of immediate danger forces me to forego conjectural worries and keep myself safe.

When I am on a motorcycle, life is simplified.  I am not thinking of work deadlines, crucial conversations, promotion or practice changes.  I am not a mom to five kids, wife to an ill husband or daughter to aging parents in other states.  I am not a surgeon with practice demands, or an educator with generations to teach. The layers peel away and I am just Chris.  I feel the sun on my shoulders, the vibration of my tires on the road, the wind on my face.  With each breath, I am centered and free.   


Your wellness story could be next! If you’d like to tell the department a little bit about what wellness means to you, send a brief pitch to Jackie Askins

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