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​Using Webex for Meetings and Phone Calls​
Four short videos introduce logging in to Webex, joining a meeting and scheduling a meeting

Sign in to UW-Madison Webex using your wisc email and NetID

  • Cisco Webex will open to Home - your Personal Room
  • Upcoming Meetings are synced to your Outlook calendar
  • Meetings scheduled with Webex can be joined from here

Schedule a Meeting:

  • On the left bar, select Meetings
  • Click Schedule
    • Must provide Meeting topic
    • After selecting topic, click circle at right of Meeting password
      • This generates a meeting password
    • Select date and time
    • Check the box if this is a Recurrence
      • If recurring, set an end date (not later than end of year)
    • Add attendees
      • ONLY add attendees who you want to mark as alternate host*
      • At least one attendee must be listed to schedule the meeting (it can be you)
      • Click the head icon to mark as alternate host (turns blue) – see below
  • Advanced options
    • Audio – can change Beep to No Tone (less disruptive as people enter meeting)
  • Click Start
    • This generates a Webex meeting on the Outlook calendar of everyone listed as attendees

*Once the Webex is scheduled, set up an Outlook calendar event and COPY the Webex meeting information into this.

  • Webex does NOT update to add information such as room location
  • Documents can’t be added to the Webex invite
    • This is better done using a separate Outlook invite

Host a Meeting:

You can start a meeting either by pulling up Webex information from your Outlook invite, or by logging in to UW-Madison Webex

Either way, you will need to log in to Webex Meetings using your email and NetID

  • If your computer does not have a microphone, call in using the provided number and access code
  • To share documents, click on Share on top left bar > Share Content
    • Have available on your screen documents to be shared during meeting
    • Select screen you would like to share
      • Participants can now see documents

Assign Delegates to Webex Meetings:

  • Sign into UW-Madison Webex
  • Select preferences
  • Select Scheduling
  • In scheduling permissions enter the email address of the individual who can schedule webex for you
    • Select the radial if you would like to get a copy of the invitation